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Best drone camera in 2022

GPS Drone with 4K Camera

1.GPS Drone with 4K > Camera for Adults Beginner | Dual Camera 5G.

SpecificationBrand : LOPOM

      Model Name : Gps X11

      Color : Black

      Manufacturer : LOPOM

      Power Source : Battery

      Item model number : GpsX11 

      Mirror Adjustment : Remote Control

      Material : Plastic

      Wireless Communication Technology : Wi-Fi

      Video Output Resolution :1280×720 Pixels

      Video Capture Resolution : HD 720p

      Item Dimensions : 5.91 x 1.18 x 6.69 inches 

      Item Weight : 14.5 ounces

      Special Features : high performance

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About this item:
Toughness 4K Camera and Bottom 720p Camera > The whisper diagram along 2 cameras. Front camera is 4K UHD Camera then the drone additionally has every other 720p digicam over the bottom perform gender Felicitous image like the movie.The captured photos and video wish keep uploaded in conformity with the app between actual time, wish remain more complete and perfect.
Better Module Battery > 7.4V2000mAh batteries can keep ample departure time. Extra battery is covered between package. A wholly charged battery do preserve removal time because 20 minutes. Together including joining batteries, you may revel in respecting 40 minutes of departure time. durability…..


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